As a business owner, you’ll be looking at how to improve on what you did in 2021. The crucial area of marketing is no exception and probably is one of the biggest business challenges you’ll have.

To help I’ve put together a few important questions to ask yourself as you consider your marketing strategy for 2022 and enhance it to deliver value in line with your objectives.

Marketing Strategy Signpost
marketing strategy signpost

How did we do in 2021?

A common approach to this is the good old fashioned SWOT analysis which determines your business’s strengths and weaknesses along with any opportunities and threats. Just use simple bullet points to capture the main reasons in each of the four areas. This will be incredibly helpful in developing and confirming goals and your marketing strategy for the coming year.

How did our competitors perform in 2021?

When did you last do a proper review of your competitors … if ever? There might be new ones appearing in recent months, or established competitors doing very well. This is all crucial information that will help you build your marketing strategy and plan.

What you need to do? List your top five competitors … you maybe know who they are, if not use Google. Scrutinise their web content, including blogs and any marketing activities and promotions they’ve done. Might give you a few pointers on where you need more effort and resources.

What shall we do in 2022?

Your marketing plan must also include the activities you are going to do to deliver your goals. Useful to get some fresh feedback from clients and staff to help shape the coming year. Is your target market still right? Review your 2021 content and activities. Any industry trends you should be aware of?

What makes us stand out from the crowd?

Do you have a carefully targeted niche? Working this into your marketing strategy can prove to be hugely profitable. Identify what gives you an advantage over your competitors and build it into your 2022 plans.

Is the whole team on board?

It is crucial for your new strategy to really work, so involve your colleagues in your planning and ensure they understand the goals.

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How are we delivering the plan?

There must be an implementation plan to outline when the work is happening … importantly who is delivering it. This adds accountability and ensures the plan can be monitored as you go, and at the end of the year when you’re planning your 2023 marketing strategy.

How will we measure success or failure?

If possible, build a measurement process into your marketing plan. Consider what metrics you need to measure to monitor effectiveness, so you know what works and what doesn’t in relation to the goals you’ve set out. Monitor as you go to save you time and money down the line.

Are we being flexible?

Along with you marketing strategy, your marketing plan is crucial, but so is flexibility. We can only ever predict so much and if things change your plan will need to as well to help stay ahead of competitors.