Make your Marketing Pieces Fit

At APS Marketing Consulting, our focus is helping you

‘Make your Marketing Pieces Fit’!

We are a marketing consultancy designed for smaller businesses delivering a full outsourced marketing service, from managing individual marketing projects and campaigns to taking care of your every marketing need.

Is your business potential being held back due to lack of time, resources, or marketing expertise? Does today’s ‘marketing maze’ feel overwhelming?
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Whether you need help developing a marketing strategy and plan, support with a specific marketing project or want an outsourced marketing department to run your entire marketing function, We are your perfect partner with over 30 years’ experience in the marketing industry.

Would you like some help to raise your business profile, keep current customers and attract new ones, and increase sales?

With APS, it’s all about getting to know you and your business and working with you every step of the way to achieve your goals. By developing strategies and plans right for you, your budget will be spent wisely and effectively. You can implement the marketing actions yourself or APS can do it for you .

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“I cannot rate Andy highly enough. He is knowledgeable and honest.

RHODA THOMAS MICB CB DIP – Director, Rhoda Thomas Bookkeeping Ltd.

Meet Andy

Andy Sarson

Hi, I’m Andy Sarson, founder/marketing consultant at APS Marketing Consulting. and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), with over 30 years’ experience in local, regional, national, and international marketing.

Since 1990, I have worked in the automotive, retail and leisure sectors with some well-known brands – including Peugeot, Cineworld, Iveco Trucks & Vans, Daewoo (remember them?), Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, JD Wetherspoon, and Toyota – primarily with their retail/dealer networks, so vastly experienced with a good understanding about how you can market a business successfully at a local level.

Without doubt my years with the automotive industry provided a fantastic marketing ‘training ground’ through being a highly competitive industry with a complex relationship between manufacturer, retailer and customer. One thing really stood out for me though … smaller businesses (like car dealers/retailers) tended to operate with minimal marketing planning, and even less with a sensible strategy or understanding of what their customers want, so struggled to get the desired results from their marketing spend.

During those years I built a passionate and strong belief that if smaller businesses have a sensible marketing strategy unique to the business to help develop an affordable plan aimed at their target market, success and growth will follow.

Also having learnt that the basic principles of marketing are universal and highly transferrable to any industry/market sector, whatever the business size, I set up APS Marketing Consulting in January 2018, to give the right advice and support to smaller businesses, helping them to grow into bigger ones!

When I have some spare time, I play walking football (designed for the more mature person) for AFC Rushden & Diamonds in Northamptonshire, and not forgetting my Kent roots, occasionally watching the mighty Gillingham FC (in League One for those that don’t know) … oh, and getting along to some live, loud rock music gigs. Not forgetting time with the family, usually enjoying a pint in one of the local pubs!

That’s a little about me … how can I help you?