Simply put, I help ambitious smaller businesses solve their marketing challenges by developing marketing strategies and plans using the right marketing activities to reach their target markets.

That is done using my thirty plus years industry knowledge and experience … and importantly with your input, so I can understand your business, goals, objectives and of course budget. These businesses might know nothing about marketing (and perhaps don’t want to); their marketing isn’t getting results expected or want to understand it all a bit better.

“Andy has a wealth of marketing knowledge and is happy to share it with you to get the best return on investment for your marketing strategy.


My client-base ranges from new startups launching to established businesses looking to accelerate growth and have advised and worked with a legal bookkeeper, a software developer, a fire safety & security business, an IT consultant, a truck and van dealer group, a wellness clinic, a payroll business, an HR consultant and even a local dog training business.

Their marketing tips are very simplified and jargon-free.


Many businesses ask me “Why do I need a marketing strategy and plan?” The simple answer is it is essential for your marketing direction; where your focus should be, guide your creative and media choices and deliver marketing that gets results. Naturally there is a little more to it than that and I will typically work through the following with you:

  • Business Objectives: What are you trying to achieve and by when?
  • Target Audience: Define who you are wanting to speak to, this is critical and will influence all of your marketing.
  • Understand your Environment: What kind of market is your business operating in? What do you need to be aware of?
  • Past Successes: What marketing has worked or not worked for you in the past? We would then understand why?
  • Customer Contact & Relationships: Helping you keep your valuable customers.
  • Business Relationships: Build a successful referral marketing programme and grow your business.

I work with you to get your marketing right and see results AND give you back more of your valuable time to spend running your business and being with your friends and family … and maybe even save a little money too along the way.

Most smaller businesses need some kind of marketing help but don’t have the budget or need for expensive marketing ‘experts’ charging a few hundred pounds a day, or over-priced agencies. APS bridge that gap with flexible, affordable marketing consultancy and advice and hands on help as and when needed, with additional expert skills available from my ‘trusted associates’.

I have also been bought in to act as an interim or part time marketing manager or director for bigger companies, offering strategic advice and support across the marketing mix.


His expertise in the marketing arena is second to none and his approach to seeking out the best solution for his clients is first class.

SIMON ELLIOTT – Group Commercial Vehicle Director at Marshall Motor Group, formerly MD – Intercounty Truck & Van