These days, a successful business owner must try and look for ways of getting that competitive edge over its competitors, adding to the bottom line to grow and prosper.

In recent years, many companies, big and small, are ‘restructuring’ their workforce’s and the way they work to make themselves leaner and ultimately more profitable … HOWEVER that can create a void in certain areas of the business and the need to bring in specialist skills through outsourcing to a freelance operation, either remotely or onsite.

Using marketing as an example – here’s why hiring me to do your marketing makes good business sense for you:

1. Flexible

As a freelance operation, I love the flexibility of setting my own working hours. This can also be a great benefit to you too, as I could be planning your next marketing campaign or digging deep for information on that market research you desperately need to grow your business long after you’re done for the working day.

Plus, if you email a list of tasks to do mid-afternoon, you’ll find that by the time you get to your business the next morning, most, if not all, the tasks will be in-progress or completed.

2. Cheaper

Hiring me is a lot cheaper than hiring a full-time employee for many reasons. Firstly, the hourly/daily/monthly fee is just a small percentage of a full-time employees’ salary.

Secondly, you do not need to find space for me, provide laptops, desks and stationary, etc. Plus, there’s no holiday pay or other benefits and, unlike a salaried employee, I pay my own taxes and NI, so you save even more money.

3. Broader Experience

My business is focused finding the right marketing solutions for your business. My broad experience working with large companies and marketing agencies over the years has given me greater understanding of how all the different marketing channels can work together. This helps me add value and make suggestions on how to improve your marketing to give you a better ROI.

4. Dealing with an expert

To become a good and trusted freelance operation, you must be really good at what you do, otherwise, you won’t get clients. Working with a variety of different business types in different locations adds more experience to my craft, adding more skills to my ever-growing knowledge base. Your business would undoubtedly gain a great deal from this mass of experience.

5. Speed

I am motivated to do a great job (check out the testimonials on my website) and do it quickly. I understand the need to exceed your expectations and be reliable.

6. No training

When you hire a new person you need to train them up before they start to contribute to your bottom line … that’s a hassle, right? As a freelance operation, I am comfortable working on my own or with your existing workforce and know what I need to do.

7. Staying ahead

The marketing world is an ever-changing one … there so many different marketing channels available and it is my job to stay up-to-date with all these changes. This means I can advise you on the best options for your business to stay ahead of the competition.

Call or email me to discuss how we can work together to help grow your business? If you need one more thing to persuade you, then how about this … the FIRST 60-MINUTE MARKETING CONSULTATION is FREE!

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