You sell great products or services; however, do you fail to focus on the benefits these products and services offer to your customers?

Consider this … if you’re buying a new sound system, do you buy just the equipment – casing, electronics and wires – or buying the benefits of the system in the sound you will hear and the pleasure that sound will give, that also might be better than your neighbours giving you some bragging rights (just joking)?

Now if you can accept and understand that people don’t buy your product or service, but they buy the benefits the product or service offers them, then you can approach all your marketing in an entirely different way. Whether it’s writing an email, letter or brochure, creating or updating your website, speaking to a customer on the phone, what you say now will ensure the customer understands the benefits they will get by buying through you!

Now this of course, this pre-supposes that you (and your team) understand the benefits yourselves. When we own or run a business, we are so close to what we do each day that we often lose sight of what it’s like to be one of our customers. So equally important is your qualification of the customers needs in relation to the product or service. For example, the sound system … one customer might buy on the basis that it can go very loud, however another might go for the quality of sound at low volume? Make sure you are totally clear on exactly what the benefits are – and then make sure that you communicate them accurately in all your marketing.

Just to reaffirm this … look at it another way. When customers don’t buy from you, one of the main reasons will be they don’t understand and grasp the full benefits of doing so. Research shows you can increase the people who buy from you by 20-40% just by focusing on getting them to understand precisely the benefits from doing business with you.

Useful to know … give us a call if you want any help or support to get your benefits of your products or services communicated in a clear and concise way?

Next time in part three … the subject will be ‘Multi-Channel Marketing’.