During the several ‘lockdown’ periods, there have been brands that have taken advantage of the situation and still marketed themselves, along with those who chose to scale back their marketing activities.

While the latter is a reasonable thing to do and saved money while sales revenue is scarce, scaling back on your marketing completely is NOT recommended … here’s why?

With digital and social media gaining audiences as people at home crave news and entertainment it is a pretty good time to review your marketing strategy and plan and get yourself in a stronger position long-term and increase your share of voice against your competitors.

There’s no doubt that brands with strong brand awareness and relationships with their customers will recover the quickest.

Recently I’ve read a global survey of more than 35,000 consumers (completed by Kantar) that said:

ONLY 8% of consumers believe brands should stop advertising due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

“Brand health becomes vulnerable when companies stop advertising,” said Kantar Insights global head of media, Jane Ostler. “If they do this for longer than six months it destroys both short- and long-term health.”

Particularly small businesses should try and be innovative but mindful of tone – NOT referring to the COVID-19 crisis – focus on your existing customers and build the relationship as this costs far less than trying to attract new ones. Show them value and they will buy from you again … and more importantly recommend you to friends and family.

By all means tell your customers what you are doing to keep yourself, your family, and your employees safe and well in these difficult times, but maybe introduce free delivery, free consultations or open up new communication lines where customers can contact you for advice and support relating to your service or product.

While the current situation continues, your marketing focus should be on things you can control, such as customer care. When reviewing your marketing strategy stay true to your brand values and provide lasting impressions that focus on your customer’s wellbeing.

Key point for marketing in the age of COVID-19:

  • Adapt and evolve your marketing focus
  • Consider increased use of digital and social, while not ignoring traditional marketing
  • Look after your existing customers
  • Pay attention to the changes of consumer behaviour and lifestyles

Don’t stop marketing! Marketing will pay for itself in the long term.

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