There are many ways to market your small business but you can’t master them all. Trying to do this often leads to disaster and wasting a great deal of money.

Marketing is a constantly developing industry with the evolving online elements, technology and variety of approaches.

With that in mind finding the best strategies for small businesses may mean doing some things differently than before, while others could remain the same. Here’s some of quick marketing tips to help you plan.

Focus on what works …

Develop the most effective marketing channels using testing and measurement techniques – and only add more once each have proved their worth. Above all, know who and where your target audience is.


SEO will always be the foundation of what you do online. Primarily using Google, this gets traffic from search engines to your website and find out more about you.

Direct mail & email marketing

Despite what some experts are saying direct mail and email marketing are still effective channels and used correctly can help build your database. My suggestion is make your creative feel personal and use in bitesize chunks so you can follow up by telephone.

Good content engages

Engaging your audience can be hard work but think about using a well performing blog post and create a video outlining the main points or a series of social media updates with snippets from the blog.

Unique brand story

Any business can have a brand story. It is about who your company is and what you are about. This content is interesting to your audience … the more they know about you helps build trust.

Google My Business

Claim and use your Google My Business page (GMB). This is particularly helpful when users search from mobile phones, which account for around 60% of searches. It’s free!

Plenty to think about … however with a concise strategy and a flexible, but sensible plan, your marketing will produce results. If it all looks too confusing and you can’t find your way through the maze, get in touch by calling 01604 261 411 or 07773 366 393! Or book a FREE no obligation chat here.