Marketing and its sub headers

If you’re a smaller business owner, don’t you have the temptation to want to do everything yourself? However, let’s be honest, none of us are experts at everything, so bringing in someone to help with things like your accounting, bookkeeping (speak to the brilliant Wendy Tate ?), and marketing (that’s me of course!).

So, let’s talk about marketing … what’s the benefits to you from working with a smaller business marketing consultant like me? What exactly can I do help you with and am I worth your investment?

Well, below I have listed six main reasons why you should hire me to work with you on your business:

Why hire a marketing consultant?

Smaller business owners have a great talent and decide to turn it into a business instead of being employed and making money for others. What’s not expected is to spend 75% of our time doing accounts, customer service and website, marketing, and sales. Hence help from an expert is needed to ensure certain essential business areas run right and smoothly. Less for you to do and worry about.

Be noticed in the crowd

Get your marketing strategy right! Know what your customers want and need? Know your competition? Know your difference (your USP)? Know how to grow your market share? I can help answer these questions, so people see you as the authority in your field.

Marketing strategy street sign

What works, what doesn’t?

So, what past and current marketing has worked, and what hasn’t? Knowing this will save time and money in the future. I can expertly audit your existing marketing activities to find out how you can tweak things to improve performance. Marketing should be checked and adapted regularly to keep up with current trends, changes in customer behaviour and your own business goals.

Fresh, new ideas

When you’re busy, you don’t always have time to come up with new ideas. I can help to improve your existing strategy, identifying new opportunities and put together new campaigns and use new marketing channels to reach your target market and ultimately your goals.


If there’s something special you want to tell the ‘world’ about – like a business anniversary, new product or service or even a re-brand – having me there at your side not only is an extra pair of hands, but you have the benefit of experience and expertise to know how to do such things as plan a campaign, brief a designer, draw up a concept and make sure that everything runs smoothly. How good is that?

Bespoke service

I can help with marketing project work or maybe you need something more long-term looking after your marketing day-to-day? I can be involved as much (or as little) as required, while you carry on with the running of your business. Safe hands for your marketing and expertise on call.

laptop and notepad

Be an expert

If you don’t want me to do all the work for you and learn how to do it yourself, I can offer 1-2-1 sessions to get you up to speed with marketing strategies and planning, and some tips and techniques for things like social media and direct mail/email.

Whatever you need, having a marketing expert like me at your side helps focus on how to grow. I would say that … however look at these testimonials from other clients and let’s have a chat. Call me on 07773 366 393 or email: