What’s the best way to market my business is a question I hear quite often. Well, there’s no clear or straightforward answer, which is where the involvement of a marketing expert can make a difference.

Now, if you had a leaky pipe wouldn’t you call in a plumber? So, to market your business successfully, wouldn’t you ask a marketing expert to assess what’s likely to work best for you?

Someone from outside your business can sometimes see things clearer, to step back and review your current marketing activities … what’s working and what’s not.

Save time and money!

It is suggested that a marketing expert can complete any marketing tasks set between four or five times quicker than those with other business attributes, saving you time and probably money too.

So, doesn’t it make sense to spend more of your time running your business … because you’re good at it … while a marketing expert works out what marketing approach is best for your business?

You need to reach the people you want to attract to buy your products or services, nurture them through regular communications, turning them into your ‘brand advocates’ helping drive new business through referrals and ultimately growth of your business … do you have time to do that?

Build a strategy

I take great care to get to know clients I work with … if you like, a partnership, by understanding your aims (short and long term) to build a marketing strategy and plan that really works.

My knowledge and experience in marketing means I understand what the marketing needs to achieve, who the target audience are, how they will receive it and the results you hope for. Only then can you put a campaign together that’s structured to spend your budget in the most cost effective way.

Whether you’re a new start up, established firm, trying to reverse recent poor results, taking full advantage of an upturn or just looking to refresh your current marketing, give me a call or email and enjoy the initial FREE meeting (up to 60 mins), guidance and expert advice.

Contact me, Andy Sarson, at APS Marketing Consulting Services on 07773 366393 or email: andy.sarson@apsmarketingservices.co.uk