Marketing a small business is becoming more time consuming and a whole lot more complicated … it’s not just placing an advert in the local paper, running a commercial on the local radio or delivering a few leaflets anymore?

On top of those, there’s direct mail, digital (e.g. Google Ads, PCP), too many social media channels to mention, SEO, websites, not to mention PR, blogging, vlogging, emails … I could go on and on?


As a small business owner do you have the expertise, the time and the budget to cover all the marketing angles, knowing what will work, what won’t … and also run your business? Probably not … so where do you start? The obvious answer (and I would say this wouldn’t I) is to hire in the marketing expertise to help you though the marketing maze.

This will save you time to spend running your business, not to mention saving some money as your expert should pinpoint the right marketing activities to reach your target audience … and prepare a marketing strategy that tells you the who’s, the what’s, the why’s, the where’s, the how’s and the when’s (this should fit onto one page) … once you have that, you can start to plan in detail.

With light now at the end of the COVID tunnel, are you still putting your business on hold or will you be ready to grab all the opportunities that will come your way – if you don’t, someone else will!

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At APS I aim to deliver a marketing service that’s like a big agency, but without the big price tag … and honest, straightforward with no jargon.

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